Workplace Nutrition

Bespoke employee wellness and nutrition workshops. 

We all want our team to perform at its best, whatever the goal; cup final or nailing a key presentation, writing the best report or being the only ones still engaged and alert right until the end of the meeting.  

Nutrition plays such a key role in all of this. It keeps us healthy and gives us the energy and vital nutrients we need to perform at our best, when done right – and pretty much vice versa.

We all know that eating well is important, there’s truth in the adage that food can be the worst poison or the best medicine, but, in a busy job, alongside a busy family/social life schedule, what we eat is often demoted to an afterthought; no time for breakfast, grab and go lunch followed by a takeaway or easy ready meal at the end of the day.

We need to work out how to make the healthy option also the easy option.  Investing in performance nutrition training - learning how to eat well - what/when & why, can help your employees become more focused and productive whilst less susceptible to getting ill.


Forget diets, nutrition trends and miscommunication-overload; Let's keep it simple, get the basics sorted and learn about the fuel required to gain the winning edge, whatever the goal.

Corporate health and wellness workshops will be tailored to your aims, and the specific needs of a team or group, this could include

  • The Energy Balance – Fuelling top performance.    
  • Stress resilience, immune & gut health & healthy ageing
  • Recharging: Nutrition and sleep
  • Team building day with a difference - cooking workshops at Brighton Kitchen. Healthy snacks, 5 minute meals or power breakfasts.
So forget the alcohol fuelled team nights out and invest in a healthy team bonding session - your team will thank you for it in the long term. 


I worked for nearly 10 years in the city, in a busy, stressful corporate job before retraining as AfN Registered Nutritionist and Wellbeing Coach.  Having proved the impact that nutrition can have on sports performance and health, I thought there was a bit of a gap on a corporate level. Within an office, you can generally guarantee there will be a handful of ‘diets’ being tested out at any one time. Very often to the detriment of the people on the diet, the people around them and their productivity levels. The thing is, diets don’t really work – they generally lack any evidence base, they offer quick fixes or just basically make you crave biscuits all day.

My approach is honest, practical and enjoyable, and my 10 years’ experience in nutrition and coaching combined with my fair share of practising first-hand how not to fuel well, means I’m pretty good at showing you what a difference it can make when you prioritise eating well.

" We had a great session with Fran when she came to give a talk on nutrition for our Product team at American Express. Fran was very approachable and calm, and created an interactive presentation which meant the team were very involved and engaged. Would definitely recommend Fran and the session" Emily: Director Global Product Development . American Express.